More Than Just Generating Random Numbers

QRANGE brings together a multidisciplinary team, including academic, research and industrial partners, working on the development, demonstration and certification of fully functional Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG) devices and systems for three key end-user application areas. This will allow us to build the foundations of our long-term objectives over the next ten years to:

  • Push QRNG device, system and eventually product development towards high TRL devices and systems that are low-cost and compact, with certified randomness and at high rates.

  • Develop an innovation ecosystem to drive the development of QRNG, expand the market, and train a quantum-aware workforce.

  • Realise a certification framework and standards for truly quantum random number generators.

As part of the Quantum Flagship we will work with the other projects and share their vision of making a significant technology push to scale the price and the size of QRNGs, with a significant increase in the performance (speed) and security (certification) capabilities, we expect a dramatic increase for the QRNG market. QRNG technologies have the potential to become a transversal and basic component for any information- based technology and an important technology in itself for a secure digital Europe.